Pfizer COVID vaccine is 0.39% effective, not 95%

Pfizer COVID vaccine is 0.39% effective, not 95% as officially claimed.  See link below. And the effectiveness of the Moderna one is likewise overstated.

I suspect that all or most other such vaccines would, if properly calculated, show a similar small degree of effectiveness. 

Less than half a percent effectiveness over not taking a vaccine at all. Do you consider that to be worth it?

Is it worth the risk of detrimental effects to your health from the introduction of foreign substances – mostly man-made, hastily man-made – without proper safety checks – for less than half a percent decrease in the possibility that you will contract the disease it is supposedly made to give you immunity against? I hardly think there is any measurably sound reasoning behind the idea. 

Maybe if it was actually 95% effective. But even then, for me, the risks would still outweigh the potential benefits. Of course if you go where the virus is – mostly where there are lots of people – you might think differently. But have you considered staying away from places that lots of people go? That is pretty much 100% effective. And at little or no risk at all. 

For a discussion and the reasoning behind my thoughts (which agree with what’s said there), see:
“95% Vaccine Efficacy? Not So Fast” – The Automatic Earth

Quote: “The absolute risk reductions for the Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are estimated to be less than 1%.”

Then comes the next question arising out of this situation… Why is there such a big push to get literally dozens of different vaccines – all with similar relative ineffectiveness – to market at such enormous cost, in an unseemly haste, and imposing an impossible burden of debt on the world’s grandchildren (for this generation will never be able to repay it, along with all the other government induced debt on the basis of which we hope to be able to continue our make-believe, castles-in-the-air, fairy story lives)? What is the thinking behind that? Have these things been considered at all? And if not, what are the real intentions behind such a scheme? Good? Or bad? Who stands to gain? Don’t you think it will be exactly the same people who are to form the Patrician Class behind their master-plan for world domination and plebeian enslavement of the rest of us – ‘The Great Reset’?

As part of the initial stages of that plan, they want your details.  They want your DNA.  And now they have it, voluntarily from many of you, who have waited in line, in long tedious queues, to readily give up your information, through fear – perhaps generated fear, about something that following simple precautions would have sufficiently protected you from anyway – if you had not been so dumb-assedly protective of your so-called freedom of movement and personal liberties, determined to continue your stubborn, self-righteous, lives as though nothing at all was happening.  And now many of you are determined to further subject yourselves to their control by accepting a quite unnecessary injection – the contents and repercussions of which are largely untested and who knows what may be lurking inside those vials? These people, who collectively own all the chemical and pharmaceutical companies – giving them control over all the important aspect of life everywhere, including the food we eat, do not have our, your, mine, everyone’s interests at heart. They care for only one thing. Profit. More and more profit. And they have already ensured that their wealth can buy them all the control they need to keep those profits rolling in.

Well, it can only be concluded that we deserve whatever future is heading our way. We have given away any control we might have had in what that will be, in return for whatever small comforts we have been able to gather around us in the present. One day, far too late, all of us will probably see that.

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