The Sensible Side of Government

While I often deride my government as a bumbling gaggle of fools who, like their bovine equivalents, are led by a nose-ring, provided with a bullhorn (to loudly spruik their spiel), and all that is left behind to mark their passing is a steaming heap of bullshit, there are other (supposedly) non-political arms of government (the agencies that perform the real work of governing) who do a mostly quite reasonable job of their respective tasks.  Largely unseen backstage, either by the population or their contemporaries in other lands (as far as I can discern), and hopefully also ignoring the noisy theatrical performances going on at front of stage enacted by the bullish clowns of the political class.

Take the Bureau of Meteorology for instance, who have just provided their reasonably balanced and honest appraisal of the current and future climate as it relates to Australia, in this short YouTube video – beautifully designed and entrancingly narrated in the unmistakable and silky-smooth voice of my favourite newsreader.

‘State of the Climate 2020’ – Australian Bureau of Meteorology

I doubt the politicos will be amused, but will doubtless not be providing the population with incentives or guidance to seek this information for themselves.  Not that these things can remain hidden or unobserved for much longer.


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