Internet Hiatus…

Oh dear!  It’s now the 5th day since I posted anything on any media.  Not because I haven’t tried, but my local wi-fi tower – the gateway to the world for me – is experiencing problems of some sort.  They only ‘fixed’ it two weeks ago – before which it appeared to be working fine – and now it needs ‘fixing’ again.  I’m not even sure this message will get out there to your world.

I will just have to be patient.

There has also been the ‘impediment’ of my having a three day visit from my daughter and two year old grandson – they’ve gone now – and if you have ever had the privilege and pleasure of living with a two year old for any length of time, you will undoubtedly know that there is never any time of the day that is not all about them.  Never mind.  While for a parent and grandparent it is a bitter-sweet parting, they have gone now, back to their own world…

…and still there is no bloody usable internet…  

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