Acknowledging A Helping Hand

I recently talked about the current attempted historical revisionism undertaken by the West, chiefly America, over that nation’s inflated view of its own importance to the outcome of World War 2.

While the proposition that America ‘won the war’ is entirely false, the story would not be complete without some recognition of its contribution to the Soviet Russian war effort in the years before the US chose to join the fight in the closing months of the conflict to aid with the mopping up operation – the wind having been knocked out of the Nazi sails long before that.
That early effort, mostly by the US, to provide much needed military hardware for the Soviet forces, while they were rebuilding their own war production facilities, was perhaps crucial and at least helpful to Soviet success to halt and then roll back the Nazi advance.

I didn’t mention this in my earlier post, though I have acknowledged it previously, bacause I didn’t have a useful source story to provide in support.  Today, out of the blue this story from Russia Beyond surfaced, and I am more than happy to share it.  It makes interesting reading.

“What British and U.S. hardware helped the Red Army in World War II?” – Boris Egerov for Russia Beyond

Incidentally, the images in that story mostly link to an interesting “History of Russia in Photographs” – a glimpse into Russian life through family photos from the nineteenth century onwards.

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