Russia Tries So Hard…

“Some days I wonder why Russia tries so hard.” – Phil Butler, from this shared article on an issue which I consider to be of the utmost importance in today’s world.  Certainly of greater significance than some paltry modern viral disease.  Because it throws light on what is a more insidious ailment afflicting humanity right now. And it goes to the very basis of who we are as a people.

“May 9th and the Most Inconvenient Truth of World War 2” – Phil Butler for New Eastern Outlook

OK, May 9, the day has passed.  Perhaps, but has it faded into history?  No, it has not.  Nor must it ever be allowed to do so.

Let me state quite categorically, the Western nations did not defeat Nazism and therefore win a victory in World War 2.  They did not.  What the West did was more of a sideshow to that event.  Categorically speaking, it was the Soviet Union, at the heart of which was Russia, that defeated Nazism and won World War 2, or as they (the Russians) refer to it – The Great Patriotic War.

The freedoms that the entire world enjoys today, such as they are, come courtesy, not of the West – which has purloined for itself much misplaced glory by deception and false propaganda – but by the blood, sweat and tears of a much maligned generation of the Soviet people.  Let me also say this – it was not Eurasian Jewry who suffered most in that conflict – another deceit perpetrated by the West – but the common folk of Russia and its allied nations in the Union of Soviets.

An insidious disease as I mentioned before is snaking its way through modern civilisation and into our common history.  It is the disease of the lies spreading the falsehoods mentioned above and in this shared NEO article, at the heart of which is the West and its capitalist doctrines of Western supremacy and exceptionalism.  They cannot afford not to win this struggle, which is for their very existence.  The rest of the world cannot afford to allow them to win it.

The West, almost insignificant in numbers compared to the rest of humanity, is a tumorous growth on the body of the species, at the heart of which lies the cancer known as the US.  You can’t cure cancer.  It has to be cut out or completely removed in some other way.  That is the task facing mankind.  The alternative is to eventually be completely consumed by the underlying disease.

Like the author of this article says “Some days I wonder why Russia tries so hard”.  You can’t make friends with cancer.  You can’t learn to live with it.  Not for long anyway.  It will consume you.  There is only one sensible alternative option.  If the world chooses to ignore that option it will lose all of the hard fought for freedoms of the past and, through oppression and suffering, will wither and die.

And May 9 will die with it.

This is not a battle Russia can win by itself. It requires a joint effort by the whole non-Western world. Can I see that happening? I prefer not to say – mainly because I am unlikely to be here to see it.

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