This Is Why Russia “Tries So Hard”

Because of its great importance, I am sharing in full a section of the ‘Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, Moscow, May 8, 2020’ from the web site of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The section is titled ‘Article by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and Director of the Institute of Contemporary History Andreas Wirsching for Der Spiegel magazine’ and it is in answer to the recent blatant lies and distortions of the Pentagon in relation to World War 2, which cannot and should not remain unanswered.  The World must be aware and have the truth of the matter correclty recorded in its historical records, for as long as such exist.  And the truth, let it be known, is not the Anglo-American version of those events.

The Ministry briefing says (emphasis mine):

“The other day, the Pentagon published a post on the history of World War II, entitled “Victory in Europe Day: Time of Celebration, Reflection”. 

According to this new version of history from the US Department of Defense, the “conflict” began when “Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland.” That is, according to the American side, the USSR is just as guilty of unleashing the Second World War as the Third Reich. At the same time, it says nothing about how it was our country that broke the back of the fascist military machine and that the largest number of Nazis were killed on the Eastern Front. But it does say that less than a year after the landing of the United States and its allies in Normandy, the war ended. Apparently, nothing much happened in the previous years. The “Second Front” in Normandy was opened when the Americans realised that the Third Reich was losing the war, and they hastened to land in order to prevent the USSR from spreading its influence throughout Europe after the war was won. 

And here is the view of German officials on these events, the 75th anniversary of which we are celebrating this year. 

Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas and Director of the Institute of Contemporary History Andreas Wirsching wrote the following in an article for Der Spiegel magazine: “Only Germany is responsible for World War II and the Holocaust. Those who sow doubts about this and foist the role of criminal on other nations commit an injustice towards the victims of this war.” 

This probably says it better than any additional definitions, explanations and comments could. These words put on exclamation point on our efforts to clarify something to our Western partners. Many of them, even on such days and dates that are special for all humankind, do not stop searching for ways to distort history and, in pursuit of current political aims, level accusations at our country that are monstrous in their falsehood and hypocrisy.”

Extracted from: ‘Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, Moscow, May 8, 2020’

Not only Russia, we must all ‘try hard’ for the lasting truth and the non-recognition of false alternatives.  Otherwise, who are we?

Not only that, but America is actually incapable of winning a war. They have never won one yet in their whole history. Except, as I have pointed out before, the one they fought among themselves. The Civil War. The outcome of which was guaranteed, whichever side won. They are very adept at withdrawing from conflicts and claiming that as a victory. In fact they probably hold the world record in that field. And taking a close look at their ‘greatest military force in the universe, ever’, they are not in much shape to win any genuine conflict in the foreseeable future, other than bombing the shit out of loosely organised militia forces from the safety of some back-room computer desk. They hardly dare show their faces anywhere in the Middle East these days. And when they do, it is usually behind a screen of co-opted militia or terrorist group.

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