Soon to be Sad and Sorry Suckers

I don’t often do editorials or similar, but sometimes there are words to be said, coming from somewhere deep inside, that need to be said – without relying on the support of external thoughts and ideas (that doesn’t include dictionary references).

Our world is now shrouded in a vast miasmatic fog (miasmatic: noxious exhalations from putrescent organic matter; poisonous effluvia or germs polluting the atmosphere –, the dark effluvia emanating chiefly from North America, Western Europe and the junction of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans with the Great Southern Ocean, in the deformed imaginations and grand delusions of those psychopaths who dictate how the world should evolve and how you and I should live.

How am I to live out the rest of my life in peace and harmony with the world when the world can not live in peace and harmony with itself?

And it is all the fault of those damned narcissistic Americans and their besotted (intellectually or morally blinded – minions, who seem to have gathered the idea (from where I don’t know) that they somehow own the world and can shape it into being whatever they desire, by enslaving or exterminating all of the unwanted and troublesome undesirables that presently occupy it – wherever they are found.  The foolish minions of course do not yet realise that they are also considered to be unwanted and troublesome undesirables who have a limited and temporary role in support of the American plan – only until it is fully rolled out.

It is up to the world to demonstrate to these soon to be sad and sorry suckers the full extent of their delusions. 

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