Will We Survive 2020?

“U.S. Demands Iraq Either Join U.S. War Against Iran or Be Destroyed” – by Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog

“This is a war by U.S., Saudi Arabia, the other Arab oil monarchies, and Israel, against Iran, and it will become also a U.S.-v.-Russia war unless Russia complies with America’s demand to stay out, and not to defend Iran.” – Quote from the Eric Zuesse article linked above

There are much bigger issues ongoing for the wider Middle East than the war in Syria I have been focusing on recently. Issues which are well known though largely unexpressed or understood with any degree of accuracy or relative importance. The Eric Zuesse article above answers that need more impressively and concisely than any I have read before. Recommended reading.

Syria, Iraq, Iran, and to a lesser extent Yemen, stand at the heart of what is I think the biggest threat to humanity in this third decade of the 21st century, possibly (even likely) coming to a head in this year of 2020. The whole region, where the world’s two great nuclear powers are arrayed on opposite sides of the equation, is perfectly poised – needing only the right spark to fall on the powder kegs already stacked up there – to ignite what the world most fears. A nuclear Armageddon.

Will we survive 2020? I have to say, given the psychopaths driving the US involvement there and US foreign policy generally, that I do not like the odds for that.

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