Soon to be Sad and Sorry Suckers

I don't often do editorials or similar, but sometimes there are words to be said, coming from somewhere deep inside, that need to be said - without relying on the support of external thoughts and ideas (that doesn't include dictionary references). Our world is now shrouded in a vast miasmatic fog (miasmatic: noxious exhalations from... Continue Reading →

Reasons to Hate America: ‘Despicable’, ‘Inhuman’, and so much more…

"Given this information, it appears that crop fires are part of Washington’s next phase of economic warfare/terrorism (in addition to the existing harsh sanctions), being imposed on war-ravaged Syrians who have courageously fought against western-supported global terrorism, within their borders for over eight years." - Sarah Abed A fine new piece by Sarah Abed, plumbing... Continue Reading →

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