Turkish Presence In Syria A Mistake. Needs To Be Corrected

The current situation in Syria is and always has been muddied by the unsupportable attitude of the US, Turkey (and others), whose only aim lies in the fact that they would prefer to see terrorists occupying parts or all of Syria than the Syrian people themselves.  This is because a free and successful Syria is not part of their plans for the Middle East.

That has not changed over all the years of the Syrian conflict.

It is no better stated than here in this quote from the Southfront article of 3 Feb 2020 linked below. 

“On January 31, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened the Damascus government with a military action if the Syrian Army does not stop its anti-terrorism operation in Idlib. The official Turkish rhetoric says that the operation against rebels (i.e. al-Qaeda—linked radicals) put the region on the brink of the humanitarian crisis and displaced hundreds of thousands people that started fleeing to Turkey. This stance corresponds with the position of the US State Department that also accused the Assad government and its allies of violating the ceasefire regime and causing civilian casualties. Both Ankara and Washington did not address the fact that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other groups linked to al-Qaeda were excluded from all ceasefire deals that have ever been reached on the situation in Idlib. Turkey and the US are not interested in the defeat of terrorists by the Syrian Army because this would strengthen the positions of the Damascus government. At the same time, they contributed no efforts to defeat al-Qaeda by themselves.”

Southfront: Turkish Forces Suffer Casualties In Syrian Army Attack On Idlib, Feb 03, 2020


Perhaps the most important fact that has obviously escaped, or drilled down into the thick skulls of the US and Turkey leadership, and also remains largely shielded from the attention of ordinary folk everywhere, is that there are no protections for terrorists and their families laid down in any of the conflict agreements ever agreed between parties to this diabolical war forced on Syria by outside agencies.  No protections whatsoever.  So the Assad government and its continuously successful military, the Syrian Arab Army (and its allied militias) and the supporting forces of several nations, are not in violation of any such agreements or any other international laws by continuing to eliminate the threat of terrorism (from wherever it was originated) within their own borders.  

The same goes for any other nation concerned about terrorism, including Turkey and the United States – who seem to forget or totally ignore the part about ‘within their own borders’ – and who therefore have no right whatsoever to be operating in Syria without Syrian government permission.

This is where I think Russia is culpable as a Syrian ally.  Russia (most likely for Russia’s own commercial interests) has made agreements with Turkey, a nation not friendly to Syria, to engage in ‘agreement monitoring and guarantee’ activities that have provided a certain pseudo legitimacy to the presence of its military on Syrian soil, when no such ‘permission’ should have even been contemplated for an unfriendly nation – a known enemy of Syria.

I want to make it clear – Russia is at fault here in this regard, and owes it to Syria to right the wrong that has been done to Syria.  The Syrian government never agreed to accept any role for Turkey that surrendered itself to the sort of sovereignty violation that Turkey’s presence manifests.

So, come on Russia, get your act together and sort this out before it brings a halt to Syria’s advances and develops into a potential global war situation with US/NATO forces aligned with Turkey over its troop casualties.  Get Turkish military off Syrian land altogether.  They are not wanted.  They are not needed.  They were never invited.  They should not be there.  And it is your fault, Russia, that they are there.

“Turkish Forces Suffer Casualties In Syrian Army Attack On Idlib” – Southfront

I should add that while this is a strong opinion and I haven’t stated my deep gratitude to Russia for all the aid and assistance (and losses) that that nation has undertaken as a major ally to Syria, this is how I feel and how I, along with others, expressed more or less the same thoughts when the collaboration between Russia, Turkey and Iran was first mooted. It did not sit well with a great many people, not least of which was the Syrian government itself.

I also reckon that this was a Russian gamble. A risk, undertaken for greater benefits. Well it appears that the risk was ill-considered, and now has the potential to spiral out of hand. It needs to be fixed. Only Russia, perhaps with Iran, who must also share some of the blame as a partner to the same agreement, can do that.

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