Ours Is Not To Reason Why …or so we are told

I purchased two books yesterday. Two e-books that is, and my e-books now outnumber my physical book collection (which I am loathe to part with, and still go to for reference) by more than 2 to 1. But it is still more convenient and a real blessing to be able to carry a whole library around with me in a few hundred grams of technology.

The first book, mentioned in an earlier post, was the recent (late 2019) Andrei Martyanov book ‘The (Real) Revolution In Military Affairs’, which for ever reveals the true state of the myth of US military supremacy. Since the 2015 launch of cruise missiles from deep within Russian territory to pinpoint and destroy terrorist targets in Syria, which coincidentally placed all US/NATO installations, anywhere, on notice that the same could also be done to them, and President Putin’s address to the Russian parliament in 2018 revealing a whole range of superior other weapons – the like of which no other nation possesses or is even close to possessing, and many of which are already in service with the Russian armed forces – the Western Alliance has needed constant changes of fresh underwear from doubt and worry over its now worn out military capabilities. They now know they have nothing to counter what Russia has developed while their attention was diverted to mirror gazing and self-admiration.

The second book is of particular interest to Australians, or should be, if more than just a few are still awake. But is also a warning to citizens of other Western nations who, if they looked up from their current distractions, would find that similar liberty-theft and noose-tightening is going on where they are. 

The book is ‘Secret: The Making of Australia’s Security State’ by journalist and one-time political staff member, Brian Toohey.

Australian governments, of all flavours, are now and for some time have been obsessed and possessed with the disease known as ‘National Security’. This apparently began, as expressed in the first statement of Preface to the book, back with the following statement of Harold Thorby, Minister for Defence, Australia in 1938 – before the outbreak of WW2: 

“We the Government have vital information which we cannot disclose. It is upon this knowledge that we make decisions. You, who are merely private citizens, have no access to this information. Any criticism you make of our policy, any controversy about it in which you may indulge, will therefore be uninformed and valueless. If, in spite of your ignorance, you persist in questioning our policy, we can only conclude that you are disloyal.”

How does that make you feel, as a ‘private citizen’?

Do you trust your government? If you do, then you are a fool and deserve whatever infringements of your liberty you may suffer at their hands. Your government is not your friend. Nor does it have your best interests at heart. It serves a higher master, and no, I am not talking of some fictitious god figure.

This is not a review of the book since I have only read to chapter 3 so far, but I want to leave you with the final statement of the Preface, in the hope that this may stir something in you to dig further into the subject – perhaps by reading the book yourself:

” The June 2018 Espionage Act provides a glimpse of the future where it will be an offence to receive ‘information of any kind, whether true or false and whether in a material form or not, and includes (a) an opinion; and (b) a report of a conversation’. George Orwell could never have dreamt that one up.” 

Toohey, Brian. Secret: The Making of Australia’s Security State . Melbourne University Press Digital. Kindle Edition.

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  1. What a bloody arrogant remark of Thorby’s! I’m tempted to get the Kindle edition although finances are maxed out at the moment. Will make a note of it and share the post to FB.

    1. Thanks Bev. Yes, I was surprised by that statement too. It’s not often that we can pinpoint something that finely. The arrogant attitude of government has been in no way diminished by time.

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