West Shoots Off Its Mouth – Again

Iran welcomes participation of foreign experts in plane crash investigation — spokesman” – TASS

“Justin Trudeau says intelligence shows Iran shot down Ukrainian plane, footage emerges of midair explosion” – Australian ABC

There goes the West again (Canada, UK), opening its big accusatory mouth without a shred of evidence, to pin something on a perceived enemy before any investigation has begun.  It’s sloppy.  It’s indiscreet.  It’s downright disgusting.

“Iran’s civil aviation refutes claims of missile strike on Ukrainian plane” – TASS

That’s good enough for me.  Aircraft do not turn around and attempt to return to point of departure if struck by a missile.  We will need to wait for the official investigation, as stated by the ICAO, to find out what happened.  Meanwhile, the Iranians should not allow the black boxes to be sent anywhere in the West where they can be tampered with and a pre-determined cause found.  And no Western biased JIT should be allowed to be set up to conduct any investigation.  We don’t want another MH17 concocted evidence fiasco on our hands.

Nevertheless, as the top linked article says, Iran welcomes foreign experts to take part in the investigation, as it should – but it must be conducted entirely on Iranian soil, where the accident happened. 

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