Appropriate Responses Reduce Heat in Middle East

So, the heat is temporarily turned down with Trump’s sickening and weak verbal reply to the successful and appropriately tempered military response from Iran for the brutal US murder of the revered leader of the IRGC.

I would have liked to provide a link to Trump’s videoed speech but it is really vomit inducing stuff and I just couldn’t do that to you.  I’m sure you can find it yourself if you are into that sort of staged and scripted pukefest.

“The Iranian missile strike: an initial evaluation” – by The Saker

Instead I have chosen this fine Saker assessment linked above.  It gives the lie to US claims regarding the Iranian attack which, while merely symbolic, and using their very oldest weaponry, still inflicted considerable damage to structures on the US base targeted.  And that is apparently enough for now. But if the US foolishly chooses to take the matter further, whether openly or using their usual cowardly sneak attacks, they will deserve everything that is coming to them. The US can already count itself lucky that it is tangling with a peace loving nation that still maintains standards of ethical behaviour no longer seen in the West.

Well, actually they fully deserve to be scrubbed out and stomped on right now, but I think we can all live with them so long as they keep their heads down. Even if they can’t keep their mouth shut.  They will very soon find themselves in a situational incapacity to annoy others much anyway, as their empire and homeland degenerate into economic chaos – never to rise again.  Meanwhile, the millennia old civilisations of the Middle East will continue on for long after these upstart pirates have ceased to exist.

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