A Rearrangement of Thinking is Now Required

You know, it’s kind of ridiculous.  The world is going about its business – whatever that is – most likely watching civilisation slowly fall apart, or the climate gradually eroding away its essential means of subsistence – the world then, going about its business with not a care in the world – or no care that it hasn’t been carrying with it for many years already, that is.
Completely unaware, and perhaps even uncaring, that at any time now – thanks to the crass arrogance and desperation of certain over-inflated Western egos – the world will be plunged into a catastrophic global war, or at the very least have the economic ‘rug’ pulled swiftly out from beneath its worn out and trembling feet due to the Strait of Hormuz being closed for the duration and resulting in the almost immediate shutdown of all national economic activity everywhere that relies on the continuous flow of oil through those troubled waters – which means pretty much everywhere.

Australia in particular will probably be among the first to feel the pain due to its shortsighted government policy of retaining only two weeks of petroleum supplies at any time and therefore being entirely reliant on commercial seaborne oil product shipments to survive. 
No other nation at that time, ally or not, best friends or not, will be supplying Australia with any of its own meagre oil stocks – which in any case would be incapable of supporting even a meaningful fraction of the economic activity of whoever owned it, for long – and certainly not enough to sustain modern warfare anywhere in the world.

In a matter of days Australia – at least the general population – would be reduced to using Shanks’s Pony to get around – or pedal cycles (or horses of course but there are not enough horses in Australia on which to base any form of intense economic activity).  And since most overweight Aussies couldn’t pedal or walk more than a few hundred meters in a day, the population would at least halve in number in less than a month.

And then imagine what happens when even the emergency services – which includes law and order – also dries up and finds itself in the same boat?  In a word it will be absolute chaos – a situation far removed from the mostly polite chaos in which we live even now.

I think most Australians would be clueless that this is now on the cards, starting possibly tonight (depending on what mood Trump wakes up in) and whether his generals will obey his suicidal orders (which is not a given, I think). If not tomorrow, then some day soon, he will issue such orders, and there will always be at least some patriotic nut cases to obey them. 

Just bear that in mind when rearranging your thinking to include such possibilities. 

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