A Total Mess. Where Does It End?

"Iran commander says requests to shut down country's airspace denied ahead of Ukraine plane crash" - Australia ABC News Today I had to turn off my TV streaming news service due to the sickening spectacle of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, his voice and demeanour dripping with insincerity, calling for Iran to take full responsibility for... Continue Reading →

Distress Over Unintentional Deaths

"Iran deeply regrets disastrous mistake with Ukrainian plane - Rouhani" - TASS  I feel sure that the Iranian government and its people feel genuine distress at having been the instruments of so many deaths on the Ukrainian Airlines flight downed unintentionally a few days ago at the height of a tense military stand-off between Iran... Continue Reading →

West Shoots Off Its Mouth – Again

"Iran welcomes participation of foreign experts in plane crash investigation — spokesman" - TASS "Justin Trudeau says intelligence shows Iran shot down Ukrainian plane, footage emerges of midair explosion" - Australian ABC There goes the West again (Canada, UK), opening its big accusatory mouth without a shred of evidence, to pin something on a perceived... Continue Reading →

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