A Total Mess. Where Does It End?

“Iran commander says requests to shut down country’s airspace denied ahead of Ukraine plane crash” – Australia ABC News

Today I had to turn off my TV streaming news service due to the sickening spectacle of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, his voice and demeanour dripping with insincerity, calling for Iran to take full responsibility for the downing of the Ukraine Airlines flight that crashed near Tehran on Wednesday.

Iran has already admitted responsibility, an error of judgement by a weapons operator during a tense military stand-off during which aerial attacks were fully expected on his country, in a situation in which that country bears little or no responsibility for arranging.  That responsibility lays fully at the feet of the rogue nation known as the United States over years of taunting, prodding and restrictive practices towards nations like Iran, and in particular for its murderous actions in the days leading up to that situation.

If anyone is directly responsible for this, both morally and ethically, it is the US.  What hope is there for some admission of that from the US?  Perhaps none.

No charges of guilt should be laid on the IRGC commander of the unit that shot the aircraft down nor the actual operator who pressed the button to release the missile.  They were doing their duty in protecting their country.  In war time, and make no mistake this is a war – not of Iran’s choosing – such actions are expected of military commanders and their soldiers.

Should compensation be paid, for the error?  That is not for me to say.  There are precedents for this.  Did the US pay compensation for its navy bringing down an airliner years ago?  I don’t know.  Should Ukraine pay for bringing down MH17?  Probably, but they haven’t yet admitted to doing it.

In any case, compensation – if there is to be such – should be spread across all responsible parties – the US, Iran, the airline itself for putting its aircraft into a war zone, all of humanity for the self-indulgence of permitting commercial flight (when we know full well that contributes to global warming and messing with climate in other ways), the United Nations for aiding and abetting US adventurism, the other Five Eyes nations for being US lap-dogs, NATO ditto?

Where does it end?

This is a total mess.  One which Iran should not be singled out as the only or even the major guilty party for organising and participating in. Every nation has the right to defend itself, on its own soil, against foreign aggressors.

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