Dangerous Games

“Putin: Transporting terrorists from Idleb to Libya is very dangerous” – SANA

President Putin is right on all counts here but the one I want to draw attention to today is the transfer of terrorists from Syria to Libya.  True, it is a very dangerous practice.  Good for Syria – so long as they don’t go back some day, but bad for Libya – or maybe for the terrorists themselves.  At least it gets them out of a no win situation in Syria, but plants them in another no win situation. It’s pretty tough being a terrorist these days.

So , who is doing this terrorist transfer?  Why! It is none other than Erdogan of the Turks. He may live to regret that decision.  It’s a dangerous game he is playing.

Mr Putin, incidentally, does not name anyone, at least in this report.  I expect he has his reasons for that.  He usually plays a canny game.

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