5 Years On Guard Of Donbass

Quite by chance today, actually while reading a post on the TASS website, I came across a reference to the LuganskInformCenter which led me to the Lugansk Media Centre and its English language version –  http://en.lug-info.com – something that I have unsuccessfully attempted to locate before.

This is the media outlet for the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) which unlike the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) – well served by https://dan-news.info/en/ – I have been starved of reliable news about. 

Interestingly, and just a few days ago, a Lugansk Media Centre post revealed the release of a photo record of the struggles of the LPR over the past five years to form itself to successfully counter the aggressive advances of the forces of Ukraine which with the aid of the West have being bent on the destruction of both the people and structures of the liberated Donbass regions covered by the LPR and the DPR.  It is a great record and in 93 pages, with text in Russian and English, illustrates well how far the LPR has come in that time.

That post is here – and a direct link to the ebook is here.

One thing that is clear to me is that, Minsk agreements or no Minsk agreements (talks around which I believe are merely for show, and are doomed to fail), there is 0.0% chance of these liberated Donbass regions returning to the control of the current form of Ukraine, and only a minutely greater chance of them returning to any form of Ukraine in the future. 

I am equally sure that all parties to the current Normandy Format processes are well aware of that.  The very purpose of these talks is to prove that situation to be true and to leave no excuse for further intervention by the West in the affairs of the new republics, which will either separately or together eventually enjoy full independence – whether or not they are absorbed into Russia at some stage.

Ukraine’s loss.  Ukraine’s fault.

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