Too soon for ‘In A Relationship’?

“Estonian lawmakers invite Russian colleagues to visit Tallinn” – TASS

Ahh!  Well, well. Do I detect the first tiny glimmer of a softening of the post-soviet hard line – might even call it antagonism or at least suspicion or even anger and at least in part NATO fostered rejection and opposition to the new Russian Federation that emerged from the soviet fall – beginning to appear among the ranks of the soviet era satellite states wooed into bed with NATO?

I think a more friendly attitude to Russia from its earlier ‘partners’ (if that’s the right word) was bound to come at some stage following the starry-eyed sweetheart period of being ’embedded’ with sabre-rattlers.  Why not now?

I may be jumping the gun, but… if Turkey can be ‘in a relationship’ openly with Russia…

Eyes-open, Baltic states.  Make with the friendly gestures, why don’t you?

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