Resentment, or Hope…

“If Kurds fail to withdraw, they will be crushed by Turkish military machine, Kremlin warns”  

A late entry on this ‘day of days’, after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that the “Turkish operation in Syria is ending, further developments depend on the Kurds” (TASS), Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added to that “If the Kurds fail to withdraw, they will be crushed by the Turkish military machine.” 

It seems clear enough to me, the Kurdish problem is their problem.  They chose the road they are treading, by siding with the American invaders of Syria instead of accepting offers by the Syrian government, thus rendering themselves as no better than the IS terrorists they were then fighting on the US behalf.  They made a bad choice back then. A choice that led to their betrayal by the US – which only ever does anything if it is to their own advantage (current US allies, take note).  But they have another chance, another offer from the Syrian government, and an agreement which they, or some of them, have accepted, to work with the Syrians and earn the citizenship, and a place to call home, that some of them have long enjoyed in the past.  I doubt that this will extend to those who choose to continue fighting Turkey and to stand in the way of progress toward peace in Syria and generally throughout the region.  Those are the hardcore terrorists, recognised as such by all nations in the region which, if they choose to continue their vendetta, should be hounded and not given refuge by any of those nations. 

I know the issues are not that clearly defined and the hurts of the past not easily forgiven or forgotten, but there are bigger issues facing the world now. It is time to take a chance on cooperation and civility, for the general good. 

There is more to life than dying for a cause.  But people are people, and a lifetime of ingrained resentment is not easily discarded.  We can only hope that a better world will emerge form this …and yes, I know, that is easy for me to say.

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