Change of Heart, or Shadowboxing?

Well, it’s a little late, and not very reassuring at this stage, but could it be that the US government is beginning to see the error of its ways?  Could it be that their eyes are being opened as to their slipping position in international affairs?  Could it be that they have been scrutinising why Russia does the things it does and makes the moves that it does to make a better world by providing peaceful solutions for one crisis after another and behave with humanitarian concern and helping hand toward those in peril?

Am I dreaming?  Hmm… I think I have allowed my mind to wander a few steps too far there, but one can entertain hope.

At least there is movement, or maybe just questioning at this stage, but the move highlighted in this TASS report is certainly in the right direction.  Even though, like I said, a little late.

If I were somewhat cynical, which I have to admit I often am, I would say that questions in Congress about the Ukraine far right Azov battalion, which even today and since 2014 has its adherents in the Ukraine parliament, including the current Prime Minister, are a bit hypocritical considering that the US government (previous administration) actually used (and doubtlessly paid) the services of that group and similar others to topple a legitimate government (albeit a corrupt one – but aren’t all governments more or less corrupt?) in Ukraine.  Not only that but they (the previous US administration – and yes, Joe Biden did play a big hand in that) paved the way for these groups to be represented in and control the puppet government in Ukraine that followed.  Call me cynical if you like but that is the absolute truth.

So, what brought about this apparent (though suspicious, until proven otherwise) change of heart by the current administration?  I made a suggestion above, but at this stage it is pretty hard to swallow.  

Nevertheless, optimism is free, and I can be optimistic as well as cynical.  Just think, what might this lead to?  But don’t hold your breath.  

“US Congress starts realizing threat posed by Ukraine’s Azov battalion – Russian envoy” 

I’m very glad that TASS brought up the Russian UN move to declare against the glorification of Nazism, which (from memory) the US and UK voted against, and in which my own country, Australia, abstained.  Redressing that shameful mistake might be a positive start to displaying a true change of heart.

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