“The Empire Steps Back”

“Turkey is invading the US invasion of Syria.”

“The problem now isn’t that the Kurds no longer have any allies; it’s that the Americans don’t.”

Oh how I wish that I had first thought of those two profound quotes.

They are extracted from this, perhaps the most honest and revealing article I have personally read on the current geopolitical situation as it applies to Trump’s America and other places of interest. 

I urge you to read this, if only to confirm what you were thinking already.  Or if not that, then to enlighten yourself as to the real state of play in these closing stages of 2019 – before the shit really hits the fan and you are left wondering “…what just happened?” Find it here:

“The Empire Steps Back”  by Jim Kavanagh

The piece does go on a bit so you might want to grab a coffee or something.  Enjoy the ride.

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