Donbass – Set To Be A Graveyard Of Western Imperialism

“Ukrainian delegation signs Steinmeier formula during session of Contact Group”

A remarkable achievement occurred yesterday during the contact group meeting on the situation in the Donbass region of Ukraine.  Details are in the TASS report above, but this is a significant moment towards peace.

Of course more needs to be done, including legislation and changes to the constitution of Ukraine in accordance with the agreement signed.  But the signs are good that this will happen, with the Ukraine president stating that the terms of the agreement, which grants special status and the associated treaties that go with that for certain parts of the Donbass region, will be put in to law.

” ‘Steinmeier formula’ to be put into law on special status for Donbass, says Zelensky”  

When that has been accomplished the only remaining barrier to peace in Ukraine will be for the government to control the right wing militias that have been the source of much of the conflict from the Kiev side.   Which also means that the West needs to stop funding these groups of terrorists and withdraw their own forces from the country.

We can now hope for a common sense success story to come from this – and yet another defeat for Western imperialism.

If all of this is settled, then President Zelensky, the ex-actor, will have proven himself to be more of the leader than I previously gave him credibility for showing. But that is yet to be seen.

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