Caught Up In The Inevitable Aftermath Of A Failed Subterfuge – Vengeance Is Sweet

“Donald Trump’s phone call is now politically messy for Scott Morrison on two levels”

This is just your everyday political cartoon story, in which the ABC News gets some things right and some things awfully wrong – for whatever reason.  They get things wrong here on rather more than two levels.

The first thing that hits me is “Last week the PM got himself caught up in a Trump-created political rally,” without any sign of a qualification on that questioning the Australian PMs lack of judgement and situational awareness to get himself trapped into such an embarrassing situation.

Next comes the incorrect statement on information “…that the President hopes will discredit the Mueller probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election.”  Two things there – firstly the Mueller probe has already been largely discredited and what Mr Barr, the US A-G is seeking (and what Pres Trump is actually rooting for) is further evidence that will enable conviction of a large number of persons of interest who knowingly set up that futile enquiry; secondly, the Mueller enquiry was specifically into alleged presidential collusion with Russia as a means of interference in the election process.  No such collusion was found (because there was none)  but the word ‘collusion’ has been omitted (purposefully) from the ABC statement and, further to that, no Russian activity was found that could in any way be linked to the Russian government.  If Russian citizens, as is their right as free people, wish to personally interfere in anything they feel driven to do on social media, then that is entirely justified.  I do it all the time, bad-mouthing the US and any of their political or military shenanigans where I feel it is justified and also the same for my own and other governments and businesses and individuals.  Tsk-tsk, I’m a bad boy.

Then there is the Alexander Downer affair, in which the ex-Foreign Minister of Australia and ex-Australian High Commissioner in London, was instrumental in providing information that was used to kick off the Mueller enquiry.  The ABC says: “Downer acted properly. A diplomat’s job is to gather information and inform their government.”  Yes, but not false information (whether he knew that or not) as it turned out to be.  The US A-G needs to know whether Downer actually did know – in which case he is in big trouble, along with all the other participants in the subterfuge. But I hardly think the Australian Liberal Party (our rather more right than centre right politicos) will willingly throw one of their cherished own to the dogs. Mr Barr may need to dig elsewhere for his ‘smoking gun’.

There are other ‘errors and omissions’ in the ABC article but I have grown tired of the game now.  Surely I have said enough to at least alert people thatg all is not what it seems.  I believe that this latest enquiry into the failed Mueller affair has a very long way to go in time, scope and distance.  A whole lot of people in high places, including ex-presidents and ex-hopefuls, should be quaking in their boots.

Incidentally, are the Americans hiring boys to do men’s jobs these days? Those soldiers in the image are both a head shorter and very much less bulky than either political leader. Just saying.

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