Regime Change Outwitted

“Syrian constitutional committee created thanks to Russia, Syria, Iran — president al-Assad”

Quote:”Syrian-Iranian-Russian coordination led to the realization of the committee for discussing the constitution despite all obstacles and hurdles that other sides which support terrorism tried to impose,” the SANA news agency quotes al-Assad as saying. “Despite the barriers, we have managed to come to a final agreement on the format of the committee’s work,” he said. 

The Syrian leader added that the US and Western states “lost their hope in achieving the goals they had planned for before” in Syria, which is why they are applying the policy of “depleting resources” against Syria, as they do in Iran.End quote

“US welcomes announcement of Syrian constitutional committee formation”

Well, what else could they do?  It would look like sour grapes if they did anything else.  They have been well and truly beaten, outwitted and sidelined by the collaborative efforts of Syria, Russia, Iran and other local groups.

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