Never Easy To Unmake Bad Choices

“Involving US in Normandy format not on the agenda, Zelensky says”

My opinion? It would be beyond all reason to involve the US in any format of meetings concerning troubled Ukraine. The US is the chief trouble-maker, thief, and instigator of everything that has brought Ukraine to its knees over the past five years – not that it was going anywhere before that, but it would not be the basket case it is today had there not been disastrous regime change policy applied by the US for its own benefit.

The world should know that. Ukraine should know that, and I think it and many of its people now do. I think the new President Zelensky also knows that, though he may yet be a little unsure just where to place his trust and is playing a canny game (or may be, only time will tell) to get the best in terms of stability and positive results for his country. He needs trusted allies. What he doesn’t need is the Trump monster’s goons suffocatingly breathing down his neck. Nor the EU. Nor does he need the entrapment (and expense) of NATO membership.

Ukraine has suffered greatly since the fall of the Soviet Union and it is understandable that the nation and others on the soviet periphery, seeing the struggles and almost the downfall of Russia at the latter end of last century, should turn their gaze westward for hope. But Russia and other nations who took on the challenge of change but did not succumb to Western influence, is and are now mostly blooming as independent nations. Those who didn’t meet that challenge are now Western vassals, their lands occupied by US and NATO bases – and in the firing line for any future widespread conflict.

It is never easy to unmake bad choices.

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