Evil Is As Evil Does

“Scott Morrison uses UN speech to slam ‘internal and global critics’ of Australia’s climate change policy”

So, the Prime Minister of Australia has gone on international record as showing just how out of touch with reality and even how ignorant or devious political leaders can be in the modern age.

“The Prime Minister pointed out that Australia is responsible for just 1.3 per cent of global emissions” but what he omitted to say, either because inconvenient facts are not in his mindset or he just does not want it to be generally known, that Australia’s population is just a little over one third of one percent of the global population.  Which means that Australians are responsible for emitting almost four times as much carbon pollution as is their fair share.  If the whole world did the same, the climate problem would be approaching four times as great and dangerous than it is now.  Added to that is the also inconvenient fact that Australia supplies coal to the world as fast as it can, enabling other nations to continue adding to the climate stress. 

I don’t think he stands there at the UNGA podium innocent of such knowledge, which makes him a deceitful, lying humbug of a man.  An evil man.

It is actually evil to work to maintain a comfortable but insufferable position for yourself and your personal interests when that also impinges on the wellbeing of others.  It is evil when such is done at any level but especially evil when done at the global level. 
This is one lesson that Greta Thunberg needs to learn, if she really does not believe that men in authority can be evil. They can, and mostly are.

I could expand on that but that would be a divergent topic and I want the facts I have already stated to stand out in readers minds.

Please note, I do not condone or support any form of climate action, since all such can only make matters worse and make unscrupulous people rich(er). I do advocate for immediate closure of all industrial activity worldwide – but I also know that will never happen until forced upon us by nature.

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