“Things Are Going To Change…”

Although my previous two posts have been prima facie affiliated with climate change action, I think it is clear from my earlier writings what my attitude is toward the climate change movement.  It is all about “money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth” (the words of Greta Thunberg to the UN).

So, while I happily share this article from The Titanic Lifeboat Academy, in turn sharing exerpts from Cory Morningstar’s book ‘The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent’, I fully realise the dire situation into which we have placed the current and all future generations of young and upcoming humanity by the selfish (whether realised or not) actions of our own generation. Their concerns are real. Very real. And it is they who will live through far worse conditions of life on this planet than most of us can imagine – although we are just beginning to get a taste, a small flavour, of how that might look and feel. Their current passion, only now being fanned into flame, will soon turn to desperation, and desperation in turn to action and potentially to violence against those they see as being to blame for their unhappy condition. Which is why I now say “sorry”.  Sorry for what we did or didn’t do.  Sorry that we left it too late to act.  Sorry that there is even now no way to abort or deter what will come to pass.  Sorry that no action of any sort can alter that fact.

Excerpt: The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Behavioural Change Project “To Change Everything” [Volume II, Act V]

Greta Thunberg may well have been manipulated, tutored and fostered to some extent by the governing powers, but her vision and passion, and that of much of our youth today – perhaps far greater than any independent thought of which we ourselves were capable as we lived through the same stages of life as they are – cannot be denied or reasoned away as having been instilled into them by those who lulled us into the self-interested stupor that marked and marred our own formative years.  Today’s youth are on to us and it is unlikely that we will ever be forgiven for what we have done or allowed to be done on our watch.  And if they have been manipulated for profit by unscrupulous capitalists, they will know that, and their vengeance will be swift and certain. Of that I am sure.

That said, and there is no denying that “we messed up”, I heartily concur with the thoughts portrayed in this article and book.  Though I haven’t read much of it as yet, I know the sort of things it will reveal if you allow your attention to assimilate even something of what it says.

And as Greta Thunberg says “Things are going to change – whether you like it or not”.  Only probably not in the ways that she and her peers would like to see.

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