Russia To Shoot Down Israeli Jets Over Syria

‘King Bibi’ humiliated – and he still has further to fall.

“Israeli Attacks On Syria Halted After Russia Threatened To Shoot Down Jets”

Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Moscow last weekend to garner support for his latest election re-run, and to obtain Russian permission to bomb installations in Syria, but was re-buffed and humiliated (you are unlikely to have heard of that of course – but that is why I am here) by President Putin.

It was made clear to him that such attacks would no longer be tolerated and that any Israeli jets engaged in such activities would be shot down.  This is an unprecedented but very welcome development in Middle Eastern affairs.

It looks like Bibi’s push for another term as Israeli PM will be no more successful than the previous one.  Stalemate.

The weekend events have quickly been followed by a rash and irrational Trump offer of a Mutual Defence Treaty between US and Israel, designed to bolster Bibi’s chances for re-election (as I reported in my previous post).  It doesn’t appear to have worked.

Well, it’s good news for Syria, and Iran, and the wider world for that matter, including the 140 nations that side with Palestine against Bibi’s Israel.  Russia’s stance is just what is needed to firm up and bulwark the forces of the free world (the other, truly free world – not the dubious one that is generally talked about) in their struggle against the aggressive forces aligned against them.

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