US No Longer A Democracy

America is no longer a democracy but is emerging as a totalitarian theocracy, having been taken over by religious zealots.

‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Scribe Margaret Atwood Talks Sequel, Political Parallels: “It Is a Warning”

This is the opinion of Margaret Atwood as described in the linked article. It also happens to be an opinion that I also hold. The situation has been quite obvious for some time but is revealed in all its murky depravity during the administration of Donald Trump.

It is a political position to which America with its long held christian fundamentalist undercurrent now flexing its muscles ever more openly in government circles. It is also why the US views Israel as an entity meriting some form of special recognition. That has become no more recognisable than in the recent declaration by Trump of a Mutual Defense Treaty between the two nations following the universally recognised illegal declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. 

These moves will come to nothing of course, because ‘King Bibi’ is still without prospects of obtaining a throne for himself, with another apparent stalemate in the still being counted election poll in Israel.

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