Useful Heckles From The Comments Section…

Sometimes you get more sense from the ‘comments’ section than anywhere else. 

I thought this image captures all the nuances of the current (as of posting) situation around the weekend splatting of Saudi oil production.  It also gave me a few hearty chuckles.  It is also in agreement with some points I made in an earlier post.

The comment comes from this SouthFront post: “GULF WAR REPORT: HOUTHI STRIKES SHUT DOWN HALF OF SAUDI ARABIA OIL PRODUCTION”   – which also provides a reasonably unbiased description of the event as we know it so far.

No-one, just as a further thought, seems to have addressed the matter as being a false-flag operation.  Who would benefit?  Well, the US, master of the false-flag, gets to sell some of its reserve stocks.  Just a thought.

A final observation: Donald Trump will not attack Iran over this. He will not want to be responsible for the global market crash that would result from a total shutdown of the Gulf as a result. Israel is the wildcard in the pack.

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