A Long Time In The Making…

The wheels of diplomatic movement turn interminably slowly. Nowhere more evidently so than in the case of a return to peace in Syria. 

But now, after what seems like a lifetime – 
“Syrian constitutional committee fully formed, says Putin”. 
…and “must begin work as soon as possible”

And since there are, whether or not there should be, multiple diverse positions as to how the process around that and the eventual outcome of that process should be conducted and determined, it should be, as President Putin also says, “We insist that it can be reached only by political and diplomatic means in strict compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254,” which guarantees the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria.

I have always believed that the right thing would be done to normalise the situation for this beleaguered nation, and now it seems there is hope that a proper basis for achieving that, as a lasting and solid foundation that will justify the tireless work of its much loved leader, President Bashar al-Assad, is now in place.

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