Mutually Exclusive Positions

“Kiev needs to sign Steinmeier formula for holding Normandy Quartet talks — expert” 

I am convinced that the Kiev government of Ukraine has no understanding of the meaning of ‘Mutually Exclusive Positions’.

In relation to the Normandy Four format of talks on the Ukraine situation that both Kiev and French President Macron are so keen to have take place at the earliest possible moment, the positions taken by the Russian government and the Kiev government are well and truly and also very clearly defined.  The problem, is that they are mutually exclusive – which, just to be clear, means that they cannot co-exist within the terms of any single possible agreement of any sort that could be imagined.

And since Russia is adamant, and rightly so, that the Minsk 2 agreement must be upheld in full.  And since that agreement has been the basis of the ‘Normandy Four’ discussions from the very start, any deviation from that agreement is entirely untenable and it also means that it is a complete waste of time holding any further Normandy Four meetings until the impasse is resolved.

The details are carefully explained in the linked TASS article.

How much of this ridiculous situation is contrived by the Western participants for dubious reasons?  Or are they totally dumb clucks, incapable of understanding simple logical concepts?  

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