Possession, Through Residence, Ought To Be Nine Tenths Of The Law

They are here, and have been in residence for more than four years (the children, for their whole lifetime), so let them stay. That’s the Human thing to do.

“Federal Court extends order preventing deportation of Tamil family from Biloela”

Come on Australia, end this farce perpetrated by a hateful and despicable government and let this family stay in Australia no matter what the inhuman immigration laws may say or what immigration authorities may have pre-decided in the case.

They have been kept in limbo for far too long already.

“Judge Mordecai Bromberg will make a decision tomorrow about whether the case will go to a full hearing at a later date.”

If that judicial decision is made for a full hearing, then the family should be released from detention and allowed to return to their previous lives back in Biloela, pending that hearing.

And if it is not, then shame on Australia.  This government does not stand for the same values that Australian people generally do.  Although since they were recently re-elected (narrowly), it speaks volumes about the intelligence and humanity of those same people who voted for them.

2 thoughts on “Possession, Through Residence, Ought To Be Nine Tenths Of The Law

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  1. Why won’t all those protesting in favor of migrants help create programs to streamline the citizenship process in their country?
    Unfortunately, based on your logic of “residence = possession”, there is no land for Palestinians at all and the highly illegal Israeli settlements get a free pass.

    1. Yes, I understand what you are saying Caren but this refugee settlement case bears no resemblance to the terrible Israel/Palestine situation.

      This is a refugee family from Sri Lanka, which arrived in Australia by boat under an illegal people smuggling racket from Indonesia over four years ago. Because of the Australian government’s heartless and hardline position to declare that any such arrivals would never be allowed to obtain Australian citizenship under legitimate refugee intake and as a result of public outcries over the long term detention of children in what amounts to offshore concentration camps (both children were born in Australia – which in itself should provide them right to citizenship) the family has been allowed to live here as part of the community in a small country town for the past four years while their claim was investigated. A short time ago the government, terrified of providing cause for renewal of the illegal boat trade, decided to deport the family. They were on an aircraft being taken back to Sri Lanka when a court injunction caused that aircraft to land back in Australia while the claims of the daughters were re-investigated. A decision is still being awaited. Virtually the whole of the little community in which they were living has backed their claims and wants them to be able to return to the life they had here. The government minister in charge does have the discretion to grant that but had declined to use it. All these recent events have occurred after the government was recently re-elected back into power. Surely after four years of residence here, following the turmoil and troubles that brought them to this land, they have earned sufficient right to expect that the life they were allowed to taste and become a part of, would continue.

      The point you make about Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, which I think you know I totally agree with, shares no common points with that family’s story.

      Perhaps my use of the old expression ‘possession is nine tenths of the law’ was inappropriate, but my intent was the meaning – possession of a life, not the invasion and misappropriation of land that is not, and never was, under the ownership or stewardship of a state or people called ‘Israel’. I in no way subscribe to the ‘might is right’ philosophy but since those settlements, once established, are not going to be abandoned easily, maybe the ‘residence = possession’ thought still holds true. It doesn’t make it right of course, or justifiable

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