Sanction Busters

Everything we read nowadays concerning the Middle East relates directly to the unequivocal decline of the US as a power base or a force for anything worthy of note other than as the majority reason that there are still terrorist groups operating in isolated spots of that region.

One activity where the US still imagines it has some retained clout is the sanctions game, though even a casual observer would see that none of that actually works as expected and often negatively rebounds on the sanctioner.

Enter, stage right, China – The Sanction Buster extraordinaire – with certain strings, of course, but welcome nevertheless.  Well, what’s the alternative, really?  

Here’s the story:

“A blow to US… China to invest $280bn in Iran sectors targeted by sanctions”

This is serious stuff. You only have to look at the face of the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs in the above image. They are not playing games. This is another nail in the coffin of the US dollar as a reserve currency – with all that that entails.

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