Resolving The Imbalance Of Power In The World

We live in an imbalanced world. A world where less than 20% of the population, considerably less, appear to exercise the majority of control and power. That needs to be fixed. I believe we are gradually working towards such a more balanced world. Whether we get there or not unfortunately is now being influenced by much greater power sources than we as a species can hope to muster. Still, we must try.

It’s true.  The West, together with its aligned states (which they continually and surreptitiously attempt to add to – mostly ignoring the will of the people’s involved) represents only a very small proportion of the world’s total populace.

As the much respected Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia, says:

“The overwhelming majority of countries presenting over 80% of people globally are receptive to (Russia’s) international political steps, support (Russia’s) approaches to the key problems of today’s world…”

With its limelight increasingly fading – through growing recognition by that majority of nations of the West’s belligerent and mostly illegal international activities – the world will one day be able to ignore, as a mere irritant, the undesirable consequences of such activities and may find it possible to work towards undoing the harm they now so obviously cause. 

It’s that old 80-20 rule where 80% of the problems arise from only 20% of the causes – and 80% of the time is spent fixing those 20% of problems. But like I said, greater issues and forces are now in play. Forces which could annul all such effects – and force a restart of the game.

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