The MH17 Farce Continues

”The Netherlands says DPR’s Tsemakh is now MH17 crash suspect — media company”

And so the MH17 farce continues, but now on legs that are becoming aged and infirm – and not a little desperate on the part of the Dutch led investigation team, otherwise known as the JIT.

Blame has incredulously be laid on three individuals, two Russians and one Ukraine Donbass citizen, and now a fourth Ukrainian is being dragged into the murky circle of suspicion, a person who has spent the whole ‘investigation’ period locked up (after being kidnapped) inside a Ukraine jail, and only now accused after his release as part of the Ukraine-Russia prisoner swap. A man who was previously considered an eye-witness to the event. Go figure.

No evidence of any credibility as to ‘whodunnit’ has ever been produced by the JIT who nevertheless squarely point at Russia as being behind the affair (which was undoubtedly the unstated purpose of the investigation) even though Russia has produced ample evidence – none of which has been taken into account by investigators – that it could not possibly have been them.  And to include any Donbass separatist (now the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic) of being responsible is actually ludicrous.  They had no weapons capable of carrying out the act.  Nor were there any such Russian weapons in the area.  The fact that the Ukraine armed forces did have such weapons, in large numbers, a left-over from the Soviet era, was never taken in to account.  

To my mind, the actual weapon used in the attack – it could not have been an accident – has never been fully and satisfactorily resolved.  Though a BUK missile system has been blamed, it could just as easily have been – and my thoughts still lean towards – a military fighter aircraft.  And since the attack took place in Ukraine airspace, who’s aircraft is that most likely to have been? There is actual evidence for that too.

But, like I said, the farce continues. 

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