Australia’s dilemma:

“The country’s top bureaucrats say Government appears unprepared for climate change”

Of course they are unprepared.  You at least have to believe in something in order to make preparations for accepting that thing into your overall planning.

But it is a huge mistake to think that planning for Climate Change will make any difference to the outcome.  It is also a mistake to say that the effects of climate change are here now.  They are not.  What we are seeing at the moment (and costing the nation billions of dollars to recover from every year) is just a foretaste of the climate fury that will beset us increasingly over the coming years, decades and centuries, bringing with it damages that will be impossible to recover from.

Kiribati and other island nations are not the only ones that are doomed by what is to come.  Australia is also doomed as a nation.  As will be many others, finding themselves with nowhere to live as an organised society in the not too distant future.  This is the story we are not being told, which the government is not even considering and the full impact of which will undoubtedly overpower us eventually.

Even now, our farmers are struggling to remain on the land.  Our industry, such as it is, will lose its driving power as oil deliveries fail to appear on our constantly shifting shores and the whole activity of a society based on urban sprawl will grind to a halt.  What then for our future? Our homes?  Our businesses?  Our lives?

We cannot turn to our government to address such consequences.  But then, there is also no-one else we can turn to either.  

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