“These Are Our People, Our Brothers.”

“Belarus will never turn its back on Russia, president says”

This is an extraordinarily strong statement from the President of Belarus.  I am not sure exactly to what he is referring when he says “Why should we treat them badly, turn our backs on them, betray them as certain people suggest,” but I can see the possibility it may have something to do with the recent visit to Belarus by John Bolton, the sneaky rat from Washington.  The unworthy Americans are constantly trying to chip away at the edges of Russian influence. 

Thankfully, since the dust has now settled over the breakup of the USSR some 30 years ago, and Russia has emerged as a strong nation intent on forging friendly relations all around the world – not just within the old ‘Soviet’ sphere of influence – any further US attempt to gain advantage, no matter what dirty tricks they employ – and let’s face it, they know no other way to operate – is unlikely to be successful.  They are a fading and waning force of power in the world.  

I salute the formation of an equal-basis joint economy between Belarus and Russia.  It’s only natural.

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