Zombie Future

We have heard of zombie banks, zombie finance, zombie money.  We’ve seen zombie movies, played zombie games.  Now we are faced with a fleet of zombie ships dropping anchor:  People are afraid these ‘zombie ships’ are the first sign of global economic collapse

abandoned20cargo20ship20brazilPhoto: An abandoned cargo ship in the polluted Guanabara Bay on July 3 ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The overall picture doesn’t look too good.  Are we headed towards a zombie future and a zombie apocalypse?   See also: ‘Zombie Ships’ Mask Parlous State of Container Shipping Industry

Think about it.  If it is now unprofitable to move stuff about on the water (in the amounts necessary to sustain a globalised economy), what does that do for globalisation?

No globalisation -> no oil or petrol -> no imported food -> no exports -> no movement of anything (other than locally) -> no government income -> no municipal, state or federal services -> no jobs -> no internet -> no social media -> no electricity -> no tap water -> no sewage disposal -> no garbage collection -> no health service (oh, I already covered that, so no point me continuing, though the list goes on and on…)

I forgot.  No taxes.  That’s the bright side.  Well, not really, since also no income.

Get the picture?  2016 – The year the darkness begins (I think I may now be so bold as to say)

shutterstock_101359084Photo: Shutterstock/Federico Rostagno

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