The Time Has Come…

It is something that has been said (by people like me - and a few experts) for quite some time, but now in a severe warning of things about to burst upon an unprepared and disbelieving humanity, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) analysts say a range of economic and social challenges are "all heading... Continue Reading →

Thinking Local

France is introducing laws "requiring all of the nation’s “collective restaurants” (school cafeterias, hospital cafeterias, senior living communities, prisons and other state institutions) to source at least 40 percent of their food locally". "In addition to being locally sourced, the food served must be in season, organically grown and certified ecologically sustainable". This post inspired... Continue Reading →

Zombie Future

We have heard of zombie banks, zombie finance, zombie money.  We've seen zombie movies, played zombie games.  Now we are faced with a fleet of zombie ships dropping anchor:  People are afraid these 'zombie ships' are the first sign of global economic collapse Photo: An abandoned cargo ship in the polluted Guanabara Bay on July... Continue Reading →

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