Ukraine Nazis

Think I am kidding when I talk about Ukraine Nazis?   Cop some of this from RT – Ukrainian nationalists celebrate birthday of Nazi collaborator Bandera with torch-lit marches.

56872330c46188d54f8b45cbPhoto: © Ruptly


These are the same people, rabble-roused by the CIA, who burned a number of trade unionists to death in the Maidan building a couple of years ago, which led to the ousting of the then Ukraine President, to be replaced by a US Puppet Government and the Civil War of 2014-15.

Well, it cost them the Crimea, whose people had taken enough shit from Kiev and became once again part of Russia.  It also cost them the two Eastern Provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk who seceded and formed their own Republics, fighting bravely against the hordes of these Nazi thugs.  Oh, and it cost Ukraine more than half of its army, who surrendered and handed over their weapons to the Eastern state fighters and joined more than a million of their countrymen as refugees to live in Russia.

You don’t tend to hear about these things much, or at all, in the West, do you?

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  1. No, you don’t and thanks for posting. I don’t get time to read all this stuff (often I don’t know where to get access), so appreciate reading your blog.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. This is not what I envisaged my blog being, I would rather be writing mostly about growing stuff like you. But we have to follow what we consider to be important at the time even if it leads along a lonely track that few want to tread, and I do feel it is important to add to the few voices seeking to counter the version of history and current affairs that those who think they control it would have us believe.

  2. Hello, the above comment to prefer doing other things is my view as well. But if the Ukraine goes to hell and Europe and Russia then ist time to gt involved. I spnt 10 years in Russia and speak Russian as a West German and this secret war and Soros dirty tricks was even hidden to me for quite some time. I appreciate your interest in this as a British person. Maybe we can write some articles together, bnot for fun but because of the urent need to do so ? will contact you later I have several websites let you know later.

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