Why Don’t People Understand?

Why Are People (Generally) Not Concerned By What Is Going On In The World?

This is the thing that perplexes me more than any other question (and I do have a lot of questions) that occupies my inquisitive mind.  I spend a lot of time thinking about, and writing about, matters that should be of deep concern to any right thinking or caring person, matters that are very obviously going to affect the lives of every single person living on this planet now and for generations to come.  Why doesn’t every other person alive at this time see these things the same way that I do?  Are they dumb?  Are they blind?  Are they uncaring?  Or is it something else?

I blog on this site from time to time, usually about the sort of things I am now speaking of.  Because it is easier, quicker, more convenient and because that is where my main news feeds go, I tend to write more on my Facebook page than here.  It used to be that when something appealed to me as being really important, I would come here to express my views on it but though my views have not changed much over time, in recent times I tend to do that less.

Just as an example of what I mean, here are a few recent Facebook posts of mine’


Now, I am the first to admit that I don’t have much of an audience for my musings.  In fact I have more followers on this blog than I have friends on Facebook, even if some of those followers are most likely folk who follow every new blog in the hope that they may get a follower in return.  I apologise to those who are not in this category but are genuinely interested in the sort of information that I write about.

So, is there some sleeping sickness, a sort of dopium clouding the brains of the majority?  Have they been hypnotised by accident or by design of the powers that be, through television, advertising, food additives, stuff in the water supply or through more subtle means?  Or is it that they just don’t give a fuck and are happy with life just how it is and can’t see any way that it might change, except maybe for the better if they win the lotto or Saint Whoever smiles down on them, or Jesus, Mohammed, The Buddha or the Galactic Imperium shows up to set things straight?  Or anything else that you yourself may be thinking about right now might happen?  Don’t worry, be happy, we only live once and we’re all gonna die someday.  Is that it?  Is that all we have?  Is that all there is?  Then maybe we are all better off not caring or thinking about these things and what might happen in the future.  You’ve just got to work your way through it, whatever it is.

Well, sorry, I just can’t see it that way.  There is a purpose to all this.  We are here for a reason, and maybe we are destined to just keep coming back here until we get it right.  Think about that for a moment and see if that thought perhaps might alter the outlook a little.

My Divergent Views

When I say ‘there is a purpose’ I don’t mean ‘serving God’ or ‘helping humanity’ or ‘finding ourself’.  For me it is about experiencing life, which does not mean accumulating wealth, travelling, jet-skiing, partying, sun-bathing or any other pursuit of happiness that people currently indulge in or wish that they could enjoy doing.  Experiencing life for me is about breathing (taking into my physical body life giving energy and experiencing all that that entails and can achieve), seeing (not looking, watching or viewing, but really seeing) the beauty in all things (both the physical and those things that are hidden from the physical), growing (such that I am not the same person when I leave here as I was when I came).  If there is any truth in our returning here from time to time then these are the only things or the major things (I may of course have omitted something important) that are most likely to get us off the wheel of Samsara to progressing towards Nirvana or the something else that comes next whether that entails extinguishment, some higher form of individuation, or a return to that great cosmic pool of life from which we all originate.

Why are there no satisfactory antonyms for ‘individuation’?  ‘Association’ or ‘Connectedness’ just don’t seem to cut it somehow.  Perhaps that is something to find out only when we get to that place or maybe unlike the drop of water that may at some stage return to the ocean, once individuated we can never go back.  Or maybe individuation is an illusion and we never really or actually ever became separated from the cosmic wholeness even though we occupy unique containers of flesh and bone.  Something to think about.

Back To The Blog

So, anyway, that’s how I see things, that’s what keeps me getting up in the morning and that’s why (well, partly why) I will keep on jamming and putting across my thoughts here and on Facebook.

I have no delusions that what I do, or in fact what anybody else does, is going to affect the eventual outcome.

There are certain inevitabilities about life, physical life, natural life.  It goes in cycles.  Cycles of birth, growth, maturity, decay and death.  Once life (a life, all life) is on that path, there is no escape.  A few steps may be skipped, but never the first or the last.

Civilisations are the same, and generally follow the same path or cycle.  What my real concern is that human beings seem to have forgotten that or choose to ignore it.

Human beings have come to believe that they are a special case, to which the normal rules do not apply.  They have come to believe that through their own ingenuity they can overcome the natural order of things.  They can destroy instead of steward.  They can grow without limit.  As Buzz Lightyear proclaimed ‘To infinity, and beyond’.  Has anyone considered just how ridiculous that sounds?

Do people actually consider that we can get past the limits imposed by living on a planetary sphere that has boundaries?

Not only that but do they consider that it also has a biosphere surrounding it that is the only place in the universe within which man can ever enjoy the pleasures of life that are our privilege (not a right) to enjoy in the short time that our own life cycle and that of the planet converge in time and space?

And have they considered that biosphere, when viewed from space is infinitessimally minute (very small and narrow), barely discernible from the surface of the planet and beyond that there is a whole heap of practically empty, dangerous and deadly to humans, blackness, in which, as someone said, “no-one can hear you scream”?

Have they considered that there is no Planet B to which we can escape?

Have they thought that the only source of energy available to enable us to live here comes from the Sun, to a lesser extent from the Moon and also generated by the revolutions in space performed by the planet itself?

We cannot create energy.  That is the basic truth that we have forgotten.  We can only use the energy (incoming and already stored) that nature has provided and is still providing.  That means that we have a budget.  It also means that we have to live within that budget.  It further means that perpetual growth is a myth.  No, it is not a myth as there is always some truth in a myth.  Rather, it is a lie.  It is a mistaken belief.

Let me repeat that.  Perpetual growth is a lie.  It is a lie that very few of us have acknowledged or recognised.  It is a lie that is being used to blind us to the fact that everything we have known will eventually end.  It is a lie that we have accepted as a convenient truth to permit us to do nothing about living within the capacity of the Earth to sustain us in the long term.  There is no cornucopia.  There is no figurative universal abundance that we can draw on outside of what is daily provided for us by nature.  There is no conjuring up energy/matter out of thin air by magic.  What there is is what there is and we have to collectively learn to live within the means that it gives us to do so.

There are two things that we have taken as basic givens that the previous statements show up as being absolute falsehoods.

One is perpetual economic growth.  The other is perpetual population growth.

Unfortunately I have neither the patience, energy nor time to go further into that right now.  Maybe later, but there are many information sources available to follow if by some obscure chance I have stirred someone up enough to seek them out for themselves.  I urge you to do so.  Better to live and die in possession of the facts than to sleep away until death overtakes through ignorance.

Don’t just take my word for it.


3 thoughts on “Why Don’t People Understand?

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  1. Have you read Wilful Blindness by Margaret Heffernan? Some of the answers to your questions might be found there.

    Most people are not concerned about what’s going on in the world, because they don’t KNOW what’s going on in the world. I mean really what’s going on. They are fed rubbish and lies by the media and it comforts them. Being aware and hence discomforted might mean they have to actually DO something about it and that’s a no-no for many. Ignore the problems, shop till you drop and the problems might go away.

    Another reason why you see things and they don’t is because you look; you educate yourself; you care. I wouldn’t mind betting that you are an INTJ personality type (Google if you don’t know what I’m talking about). I’m an INTJ. When I realised what that meant, I wasn’t surprised that so many people thought differently to me. It was a revelation to realise that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, just that most people weren’t INTJ’s.

    I like your statement of purpose. Breathing; seeing; growing. Pretty much the same as mine.

    “Better to live and die in possession of the facts than to sleep away until death overtakes through ignorance”.

    Great quote. I’ll add it to my collection. Hope you don’t mind if I use it sometime in a post of my own. Will credit you of course.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment and of course you may quote me. I’m flattered that someone would actually want to do that. I do usually put a lot of effort into my posts and sometimes it doesn’t come easy but at other times the words just seem to flow.

      On the day I wrote this piece I sat down at the computer around 10am and when it was finished I got up and thought “I feel hungry”. I went to the kitchen and saw my breakfast muesli sitting there on the bench uneaten. I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 8pm. I had spent almost the whole waking day engrossed in what I had been doing and couldn’t recollect having got up from my chair for anything in that 10 hour period. That was when I started feeling a little light headed.

      I think many of my questions are meant to be rhetorical, designed to induce a casual reader to begin thinking about things (always hopeful of attracting casual readers). I haven’t read Margaret Heffernan’s book but will look it up. Thanks for the reference.

      Interesting about the personality types and I do recognise many of the INTJ traits in myself. I have never felt the urge to look into that deeply though (always claiming that I didn’t fit into any of the usual ‘boxes’ and having a thorough dislike of ‘labels’) but having my interest piqued, I took the test at http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test.

      It came out that I am a INFP with the strongest traits being the I and N, and the others being very marginal (on the scale that they provide at that site) to say the least. That being the case I also did the test at http://www.personalitytest.net (different set of questions) where it was claimed that I am an INTP.

      Again I identified with many of the traits in both of those results but none of the three fully describes me. This sort of confirms my ‘not fitting any boxes’ theory, a situation I am quite happy to accept, having drawn that conclusion myself a long time ago.

      Multiple personality disorder? I don’t think so, but I have started talking to myself on occasion recently 🙂 although that is probably a function of living alone for so long 🙂

      1. I tipped you as introverted/intuitive, because so much of what you say resonates with me. Nice to find a like mind out there somewhere!

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