New World of Equanimity Unsettles Western World’s Imbalanced ‘US’ and ‘them’ Construct

A new world order has been born or at least conceived recently in Moscow to the parental guardianship of Russia and China. It is a world conceived in equanimity and mutually cooperative benefit for all, large or small, on the basis of national sovereignty. It represents how the world should be run – without fear of unwanted and oppressive external interference through dominance by force feigned as a right on the basis of assumed superiority.

This has of course rattled and unsettled those who now gain dominance from their own contentious position of a world divided into ‘US’ and ‘them’ – the capitalisation being deliberate. It’s how the west sees their role in the world, and the ‘US’ in ‘US and them’ is somehow not disconnected from the identical acronym used for the ‘United States’. Allies, should be aware that, in the eyes of the US, they are not differentiated from being also part of ‘them’ (i.e. not ‘US’) and will, in the final analysis, be treated as such.

Well, the world that is not ‘US’ also has a viewpoint (except for allies of the US – who are not allowed one), and that world is now standing to its feet in joint recognition that there is a different way. A better way. A more equanimical way. A way of cooperative effort, of benefit to all and recognising the sovereign rights of all.

It sometimes amazes me that the temporal juxstaposition of opposing world events or circumstances can be so clearly envisioned at one and the same time in the prominent writings of the times which reflect the actions of the parties involved. If you know where to look of course. No better example of this can be found, although I could have chosen others, than in the two articles I want to share today.

First the rattling of the ‘US’. And yes they are certainly rattled. Their whole world is collapsing around them. They should be rattled, and so they are. Please read (or at least the first part of it)…

‘US REALLY WANTS You To Know it’s The World’s “Leader”- Caitlin Johnstone + How they can Dictate.’ – The Free Online

Caitlin Johnstone is a fellow country person of mine. Her writings and activities are not always to my taste but she has encapsulated, in the first part of that article, what I wanted to point out in regard to just how distressing these current trends must be for the Frontmen of the essential nation – the ‘US’, the manifest destiny doctrine of which is being gradually roped, dragged to the ground, trussed and sat on in the 21st century and particularly in recent years by those it has for long eyed as being a subservient and largely disposable part – the ‘them’ – of its own global kingdom. I can’t express, without whooping and hollering and dancing of jigs – none of which form part of my character – just how happy and content I am at how high this level of distress has become for these people whose job it is to spruik the essential nature of that groups manifest destiny. But their distress level hasn’t yet gone far enough to get me up on my dancing feet. I want to see the distress as being all-encompassing for them. Let them grovel. Let them crawl in the mud and filth of the degraded society they have made for themselves for a change. Let them know hunger and thirst, poverty and want for a while. Let them be on the receiving end of a little despotism of their own for once.

I am sorry to be so fatalistic about prospects for the future of western nations, especially as I am a citizen of one of them (although in my case, with Australia, it would be so, so, easy for my nation to simply flip to the other side – and be on the right side of history for once – pleading protection against any opportunistic retaliations), but I just do not see a place for the west in anything involving the countries the west has so deeply persecuted and oppressed for so long. At least not without a very long period of rehabilitation for even the most contrite, and perhaps never for the chief perpetrator – if it still exists into that future.

However, for now, I am satisfied that they are recognising things are not going well for them. It’s a start on the road to redemption if they choose to take it. If not, they can continue to suffer in place, friendless, alone, and without prospects.

On to the other side. The good part, the best part. And that is not seeing the west squirm and feeling uncomfortable. It is to now see, even though it has taken a long and winding route to reach this point, someone is standing up to that false western ideology of their own supremacy and right to dictate everything about life and its rules however they wish and to amend those rules as they see fit. That is no longer acceptable. It has never been acceptable but there has never been a sufficient movement of people of the world to overthrow that situation. And those who have tried to resist, in isolation, have been summarily crushed by the west. History is littered with examples of that.

All that has now changed. And was formally declared earlier this week in the joint agreement made in Moscow between President of China, Xi Jinping and the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The west will no doubt fume and roar their dissent, but they have no hope of dousing the flames of this new venture. A venture which will ensure the downfall of western power as the supreme arbiter of global affairs and the rising of a multipolar, globally based structure to ensure circumstances are founded and maintained for the security of sovereignty of all nation states to peacefully pursue their own destiny unhindered or deterred by any external ideology. That should not be difficult to achieve since all such disturbances over the past at least 80 years to several centuries, have been as a result of western domination and destructive interference wherever they have chosen to apply their false doctrinal solutions to non-existent problems of local cultural norms in order to build unworkable copies of their own unstable and unfairly operated societies. In the process, creating the most despicable, twisted, depraved, evil and inhuman societies this world has ever known in its entire history. Such is the legacy of the spread of western culture.

Long have we waited and strong must we be to see this new work of cultural liberation built and completed. If we can together achieve that – without the west, or with a west confined to its own quarters and unable to interfere, if necessary – there is still a chance for humanity to make something of itself, on whatever level is possible or realisable in a future which may not prove to be what many of us may dream of. There are no guarantees as to what the world will look like, how habitable it will be, how bountiful will its biosystems recover to support a world full of expectant people, in ten, fifty, a hundred years from now. And that does not necessarily solely rely on what we ourselves do to it in the meantime. But nature itself and the long cycles of time that have always existed, prior to the mild climate we have now enjoyed for some thirteen thousand years of the kind of relatively stable conditions we require for life support and a degree of comfort. We know the climate is changing, but there is little consensus of opinion on what and how much change will arise. It may be little or nothing. It may also be catastrophic. And I am not sure anyone of us is qualified to accurately predict the near to mid-term future of our planet. But hey! Let’s not let that stop us from trying to build a solid future as best we can. And that is what is exciting about this latest multipolar venture which Russia, China, and a long list of interested countries are now willing to be part of. Once the evil west has been properly dealt with.

I intended to introduce the article below much earlier but I got carried away with some hopefully worthwhile dream of my own. But here it is, and I think you will find it well worth the wait…

‘In Moscow, Xi and Putin bury Pax Americana’ – Pepe Escobar – The Cradle

There are many fine statements in Pepe’s piece that one could hook on to. I will quote just a few.

It’s Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin that are now running the multilateral, multipolar show. Western exceptionalists may deploy their crybaby routines as much as they want: nothing will change the spectacular optics, and the underlying substance of this developing world order, especially for the Global South.

…the Russian Foreign Ministry completely ruled out a role for the US, UK, France, and Germany in future Ukraine negotiations: they are not considered neutral mediators.

…there will be a new drive towards mutual settlements in national currencies – and between Asia and Africa, and Latin America. For all practical purposes, Putin endorsed the role of the Chinese yuan as the new trade currency of choice while the complex discussions on a new reserve currency backed by gold and/or commodities proceed.

Diplomatic sources confirm that Chinese intelligence, via its own investigations, is now fully assured of Putin’s vast popularity across Russia, and even within the country’s political elites. That means conspiracies of the regime-change variety are out of the question. This was fundamental for Xi and the Zhongnanhai’s (China’s central HQ for party and state officials) decision to “bet” on Putin as a trusted partner in the coming years, considering he may run and win the next presidential elections. China is always about continuity.

So the Xi-Putin summit definitively sealed China-Russia as comprehensive strategic partners for the long haul, committed to developing serious geopolitical and geoeconomic competition with declining western hegemons.

This is the new world born in Moscow this week. Putin previously defined it as a new anti-colonial policy. It’s now laid out as a multipolar patchwork quilt. There’s no turning back on the demolition of the remnants of Pax Americana.

Some quotes from: ‘In Moscow, Xi and Putin bury Pax Americana’

I have not spent much time refining this piece, but I rarely do anyway, so I am aware it might come across as a bit raw and rough in places. I don’t care. It is an honest assessment of my thoughts on the subject.

My only regret is that I may not be around to see much of this future we are talking about. But then… you never know, do you?

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