Russia: Essential Bread Basket to the World

‘Russophobia is a great product, but you can’t put butter on it, and you always want to eat.’ – says Kirill Strelnikov at RIA Novosti

I am just the messenger here, so I will say nothing. What you need to read is in the online article linked below. Well, I will just make one comment. ‘Russophobia’ is not such a great product – except it has served western interests quite well so far, keeping millions of people in the dark – but it does make an interesting by-line, don’t you think? …and even people in the dark eventually get hungry.

‘Russia has found a powerful new weapon in the ground’ – RIA Novosti.

Oh, yes, it’s in Russian. But my Yandex browser auto-translates for me. If you can’t find a similar way to read real world news in your own language, well then, abide in darkness. Incidentally, most real world news is not written in English, though for some strange reason many non-English speaking countries go to extraordinary lengths to make their news available to readers of that language. I guess I should be thankful, and I am.

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