“If Russia survives, the rest of the world will survive. Anything opposite from this is surely not an option.”

Oh how I wish I had thought of that as a title of a blog article. Sadly, I didn’t – well, not actually sadly, because it is a humdinger of a statement, don’t you think?

It is the opening statement from a Strategic Culture Foundation article which is “based on a video report by a renowned Serbian journalist Nikola Vrzic, RT Balkan. Translated by Tatiana Obrenovic.” – so I am not sure who actually said it first, although I am truly thankful they did. It has a glorious ring of truth about it …No doubt about that.

Well, the journalist having broadcast it – the translator having translated it – the SCF having published it, in English – there is little else for me to do but to present it for your edification, dear reader. It will repay your careful attention, I have no doubt.

‘Special Military Operation and Vladimir Putin’s Promise’ – as published by Strategic Culture Foundation

There is one thing I could say here – so I will. It would not be advisable for anyone to attempt to alter the meaning by dissecting the initial statement (first sentence) into two distinct halves, as representing two separate ideas which do not necessarily follow as corollary. The first sentence is complete only as it stands. The second sentence being merely an apology for avoid any need to state the obvious opposite condition. The correct word to describe this, I think, is ‘indivisible‘ – in a similar sense to the also recently resurfaced phrase (from the cold war era) – ‘indivisible security’, which arises from the same ballpark of ideas as this one has. There are of course, those who would choose not to acknowledge that non-separability. A course which will be to their own eventual detriment and cost.

It is all part of the new world now emerging and forming itself as we speak. Old ideas from the current and passing uni-polar world of western dominance must give way to the new multi-polar world of the mutual association of non-western nations. Embrace it, wholeheartedly. It is your only hope for the future.

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