Twisted Sisters

Oh my! I just could not let this go by without comment!

Such a superb example of the twisted thinking (although, did they even think?) of the Sisterhood of Western Defence Ministers Knitting Circle – with the much broader implications of the mass psychosis of western thinking generally, and its swirling movements in a maddening haste towards an uncharted exit via the drain-hole from reality.

‘Defense ministers of Japan, Australia and US condemn China’s August drills near Taiwan’ – TASS

What? China condemned for patrolling the Taiwan Straits? I’m speechless.

That is equivalent to condemning Australia for sending naval vessels through the Bass Strait (map provided for reference).

How infantile! (with apologies to all infants) How utterly stupid! How ultimately mentally deranged! But, of course, so to be expected.

One must also raise the related question as to why, and what sort of ‘think tank’ is required to contemplate and reach a decision on a position to publicly present to the world on such a complex issue, has it taken only from August to October to reach and announce such a vital position which undoubtedly impinges on matters of seriously serious global security?

Has the world been at risk all that time? Have I not slept safely (as I thought) in my bed every night while they were so carefully considering this (during their knitting sessions of course)? I’m horrified!

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