Australia Should Abort Her AUKUS Fœtus

…and stop consorting with the US-UK sleaze-bags of the world to prevent herself getting impregnated with their illegitimate and incestuous offspring. The world doesn’t like that kind of behaviour and won’t put up with it.

‘China thwarts AUKUS-related amendment attempts on legitimizing nuclear sub marine deal at IAEA conference’ – Global Times

Australia would also be well advised to find herself a new horse to ride. One which will guide her on a path more in tune with international thinking, and also one out of the stables of the finest modern traditions of Eurasian cooperation. I mean of course the dumping of weak, insipid, servitudinally oriented government for one that has solid backbone, free of crippling CIA curatorial additives which have sadly and detrimentally influenced all Aussie government decisions since the 1970s.

Of course Australia could continue to ignore global opinion, along with the sleaze-bag nations that are her current consorts, but that is not a recommended action in a world that is fast liberating itself from their trail of terror and reign of domination and thievery. The sleaze-bag west is looking increasingly to itself, whether in whole or in part, being isolated from the mainstream global community and also appears to be failing in health and stability – not just by a single measure, but equally on all econometrics – social, financial, industrial, health, military and, if such can be classified econometrically, on societal decadence and depravity. Not a good bet on which to place money, livelihood, or plans for any sort of future.

The west, so focused on what are really unimportant issues, chiefly its own self-perception and standing among a recessive peer group, is unable to see, unwilling to look, and incapable of care, as to how it is perceived among the broader global human community.

I so wish my country would (I know it could) separate itself from that disastrous clique and choose to live in peace, freedom and cooperation with that part of humanity which is most likely to have a more or less desirable future.

Sadly it doesn’t look likely – but hope never dies. And I am personally too old now to be able to give any worthwhile service to another. But, in your case? Well, that may be an entirely different consideration. Opportunities, and the means to take such a leap, while still open now, may perhaps not always be so.

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