Blinky Does Africa while The Sherman Invades The Solomons

In a sign of US desperation (it is desperation, isn’t it, when you have to divide your forces to present a broader front?), they, having seen (presumably) their almost total rejection in other parts of the world, send a Secretary of State, visibly greying more by the day, to spruik the ‘values’ of dying ‘democracy’ to the African continent while his understudy attempts to salvage something for the US in the Solomon Islands. Maybe they consider it to be a kind of ‘pincer movement’?

“Blinken kicks off trip to Africa, ‘unable to form a new Cold War club’ to counter Russia, China” – Global Times

“Sherman visits South Pacific to ‘sabotage’ region’s growing ties with China” – Global Times

Having seen the US ‘back yard’ of Central/South America in open revolt and getting its act together for a unified liberty of their own making (that’s more or less what they are currently engaged with, I think, and ought to be the focus of Bolsonaro [if he has anything left in him] as the sole representative of the BRICS structure on the South American continent), plus the abject failure of the US to penetrate the Russian brick wall through Ukraine or anywhere else, or to make any realistic inroads in Asia towards competing against China, together with the reluctance of the Pacific communities – which increasingly favour China – the US is reduced to making a last ditch attempt to turn the only other remaining populous continent, Africa, to be its ‘friend’.

Though why they should choose to begin that futile effort with, again, the only nation on that continent which is a member of the BRICS community, I fail to understand. Perhaps they still consider SA to be a ‘white’ nation. That would not surprise me, at all.

I am equally nonplussed by the thought of a US turn-around attempt on the Solomons. Are they thinking the Australians are not a big enough draw-card but a US undersecretary is?

Eventually, these State Dept troubadours will realise they must pick up sticks and return home, disarmed and disillusioned, to the bosom of Stateside – which in a few months time is unlikely to declare much love remaining for the Democrats themselves, their incumbent ‘stick-man’ president, or his State Dept warriors.

It’s a sad story, really, and is sure to have a sad and sorry ending.

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