Is the US a Responsible Nuclear Power? No! No! No!

It seems quite incomprehensible that the US should use the excuse of not being willing “to allow tensions to escalate further,” as expressed by John Kirby, White House Coordinator for Strategic Communications, for a delay in the testing of its aging Minuteman nuclear deterrent. I suspect he is talking about the Taiwan situation but his milky words do not mix well, but coagulate with the oil poured onto the Ukraine situation by the US continued supplying of long range missile launchers which the Ukies are using – along with other western arms and munitions – to damage or destroy the largest nuclear power station in Europe at Energodar in the Zaporizhzhia region of what is soon expected to become (according to the wishes of its people) a new part of the Russian Federation.

That is a position and standpoint based on a certain level of madness. And the US’ excuse for delay does not in fact sit well with their constant propensity for making war anywhere and everywhere, and by any means they possibly can.

‘US ICBM test launch, delayed over Taiwan situation, to be held soon — White House’ – Russia’s TASS is far too polite with this report.

I would suggest that the real reason for the delayed test is more in keeping with a desire to not suffer further embarrassment and a weakening of their already tarnished capability to protect their people from or even to respond to a nuclear attack of any sort – especially when they have shown no attempt to use such weapons as they have (outdated as they are) to settle any conflict by using their own forces against a peer foreign military of any standing for quite some years now. That weakness is becoming ever more apparent and their vaunted military strength and prestige would melt or shatter from a repeat performance of the last such test – in which, as a reminder, the test Minuteman ICBM lasst year failed to lift off from its ground-based silo.

‘ICBM Shuts Itself Down Before Launch, Test Aborted’ – according to the US’ own AirForce Magazine.

So not only is the US untrustworthy and unscrupulous, but they are also incompetent and incapable and – as a result of decades of decadence and neglect (where did all the money go?) – are almost completely disarmed and depleted of effective weapons for at least one out of their three nuclear deterrent arms. You will note that they specifically make that point clear, simply by denying it. They say “the delay will have no impact on US deterrence”. Of course it won’t. They have none. They are now reduced to simple bluff. Find that hard to believe? Read the quote below, which I reported a year ago on the previous failed test…

Strategic Command boss Adm. Charles “Chas” A. Richard told lawmakers in April that there is “no operational margin” left in the ICBM leg of the triad and that the aging Minuteman III fleet is “at risk of losing credibility” in the eyes of potential adversaries.
“Nothing lasts forever,” Richard said. “You cannot indefinitely life-extend anything. I cannot deter with the leftovers of the Cold War forever. … I need a weapons system that will actually work and actually make it to the target.”

Fifty Year Old US ICBM Farts and Aborts on Test Launch

And to further answer my original question, the US remains the only modern nation which enjoys the dubious reputation of a user of nuclear weapons to destroy human life on earth. And that not to save American lives (as they claim) but to gain test results on the effectiveness of new weapons – just as they are still doing today, actively – through the proliferation of their hundreds of bio-warfare laboratories worldwide. The scum of the earth they are. They need to be completely disarmed and the ideological deviants among them (the exceptionalists) isolated until re-educated, for the protection of humanity. That could turn out to be a multi-generational task.

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